The Power of Printed Materials in Branding and Design

Printed materials continue to be important even in a time when digital communication is the norm. While digital platforms offer immediate reach and interactivity, true Product will always stand out for their tangibility and lasting impact. They serve as tactile reminders of permanence and credibility in this fleeting world of online content.

At Pertingo, we understand the significance of printed materials for a branding company. Let’s glance at how we marshal various applications of printed materials to showcase your brand, transforming spaces into strong business communication:

Versatility of Print Materials

From interior design materials to wall paneling materials, from brochures to flyers, printed ads offer versatile solutions. They don’t just adorn spaces and pages; they redefine them by infusing character and storytelling.

Fostering Connection Through Interior Design

As a creative branding agency, we make the most of the potential of materials to craft unique brand experiences. From artistic murals to customized wallpapers, these materials add flair and personality to showroom interior design concepts, keeping your band idea in mind.

Eye-catching Outdoor LED Display Advertising

Engage your passersby by conveying messages effectively. From billboards to banners, we offer comprehensive solutions to capture attention in the bustling outdoor space.

Exhibition Stalls and POS Deployments

Draw attention and engage your visitors effectively with stunning visuals at exhibitions. POS deployments leverage the power of printed materials, influencing consumer behavior and enhancing brand visibility.


Printed materials are more than just ink on paper; they are catalysts for creativity, storytelling, and brand communication. At Pertingo, with our collective experience of over 100 years, we specialize in manifesting visually compelling realities, whether in branding, interior design, or innovative advertising solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are print-based materials?

Print-based materials are any physical materials produced through printing processes, such as brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, books, newspapers, magazines, packaging, and more.

What is the importance of printed materials?

Print materials offer a physical presence that digital mediums lack, allowing for a deeper and more sensory connection with the audience. They serve as credible sources of information. Additionally, print materials play a vital role in marketing, education, branding, and documentation, catering to diverse communication needs.

What are the characteristics of print materials?

Some key characteristics are:


They have a physical presence, allowing readers to hold, feel, and interact with them.


 When stored properly, printed materials can have a longer lifespan than digital content.


Printed materials can be tailored to specific audiences or purposes, providing personalized content or information. Learn More