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Welcome to Pertingo, where your brand’s potential is limitless. Our expert team offers a diverse suite of nine tailored branding solutions designed to showcase and elevate your products. From traditional media to digital innovations, we empower your brand to captivate and engage audiences. Explore our pioneering services, including cutting-edge anamorphic 3D visuals and innovative branding installations, all crafted by our in-house content creators. We proudly serve clients across India, ensuring seamless communication and real-time progress updates through our comprehensive CRM system. Discover how Pertingo can transform your brand vision into a vivid reality. Dive into our services and let us help you make a lasting impression.

CinemaScope: Captivate Audiences on the Big Screen

Leverage our extensive cinema advertising services across more than 6,000 single-screen cinemas and 3,000 multiplexes throughout India. With options for ad spots starting from 10 seconds and upward, cinema advertising offers a dynamic platform to reach a diverse target audience. Pre-pandemic, an estimated 20 crore (200 million) Indians frequented cinemas monthly, and current figures suggest a similar engagement level post-COVID. This wide reach makes cinema an ideal medium to effectively connect with various demographic segments across the nation.

Auto Ad Space: Moving Your Brand Forward

Capitalize on our pan-India auto rickshaw branding services, leveraging a network of approximately 74.75 lakh auto rickshaws spread across over 7,935 towns and cities. Auto hood branding offers a cost-effective and impactful advertising solution, as each auto rickshaw’s hood serves as a moving billboard. This method not only provides the auto rickshaw drivers with a new hood, enhancing their vehicle’s appearance and longevity, but also ensures your advertisement reaches a vast audience daily. Embrace this unique opportunity to enhance visibility and engagement with potential customers through a persistent and widespread presence

POS Panorama: Nationwide Retail Merchandise Deployment

Leverage our specialized services for deploying Point Of Sale (POS) merchandise across India’s vast retail landscape, with access to 22,000 modern trade outlets and 12 million general trade outlets. Our in-house printing infrastructure and network of reliable associates ensure effective deployment nationwide. A dedicated Single Point of Contact (SPOC) will coordinate directly with outlet managers and your company’s field team to streamline operations. Additionally, our dedicated reporting CRM provides real-time updates and instant reporting to keep you informed every step of the way.

Signage Solutions: Seamless Manufacturing to Deployment

Equipped with comprehensive in-house fabrication capabilities and a vast network of associates across India, we specialize in the design, manufacture, and deployment of a wide array of shop signage solutions. Our offerings include shop boards, acrylic letters, glow sign boards, backlit and LED ACP glow sign boards, vinyl glow sign boards, and even No Parking boards manufacturing and deployment. Our skilled team conducts thorough site recce and post-deployment audits to ensure every signage project is executed flawlessly. To guarantee satisfaction and transparency, we provide photographic documentation from five different angles for each completed project.

Showroom Elegance: Seamless Turnkey Design & Fit-Outs

Envision your retail space transformed by our Turnkey Interior Solutions, offering a full spectrum of services from innovative design to meticulous fit-outs. Specializing in crafting interiors that resonate with your brand’s ethos, we offer a seamless process, managed by our experienced civil engineers and electricians, from initial site recce to the final reveal. Expect nothing less than precision, with our designs presented in detailed AutoCAD blueprints, ready to bring your vision for a new shop to life with efficiency and flair.

Showcase Success: Bespoke Table Top Displays

Enhance your retail environment with our expertly designed and fabricated Shop Table Top Display units. Our in-house team of designers and fabricators ensure each display meets specific client specifications. We also manage nationwide deployment, ensuring a seamless process from fabrication to installation. Additionally, our real-time CRM reporting keeps you updated on progress and deployment status, ensuring transparency and efficiency across all operations. With our comprehensive service, your displays will not only meet but exceed expectations, no matter where in India they are deployed.

Exhibit Excellence: Crafting Spaces for Spectacular Shows

Our team excels in the innovative design and construction of exhibition stalls, equipped with in-house visualizers and advanced technological support to create captivating displays, including cutting-edge anamorphic 3D visuals. As a premier exhibitionstalldesignerinmumbai, we have teams across regional offices delivering exceptional service. With a robust network of associates both in India and internationally, we ensure seamless execution and dynamic presentation of your brand at exhibitions worldwide. This comprehensive approach allows us to maintain high standards of quality and creativity, making every exhibition space a memorable showcase of innovation and brand identity.

Wallscapes that Speak: Your Brand on Every Street

We offer comprehensive wall advertising services across India, backed by a vast network of expert wall painters in every state. Our services guarantee timely campaign delivery and include detailed visual documentation from five angles—including long, highway, close-up, and 45-degree shots—complemented by daily reports. We provide these specialized and competitive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our prestigious clients.

Umbrella Impact: Branding That Covers All

Make a statement with our branded umbrellas, a versatile advertising tool with broad reach. Ideal for distribution to hawkers, traffic police, and outdoor vendors, our custom-designed umbrellas serve as mobile billboards, offering shade and brand visibility in various sizes. Utilize this unique strategy to elevate your brand awareness amongst the general public effectively

Enhance Your Brand with Anamorphic 3D Video Content

At PertingoCompany, we are excited to expand our branding services with the introduction of cutting-edge Anamorphic 3D Video content. Developed in-house by our team of experts, this innovative service transforms ordinary outdoor, exhibition, and OOH advertising spaces into captivating visual experiences. Our Anamorphic 3D technology makes your product appear to protrude from the LED display, creating a stunning visual effect that captures the attention of viewers and leaves a lasting impression. Elevate your promotional campaigns and set your brand apart with our spectacular Anamorphic 3D videos.